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"The pride to be fans of Boca Juniors"

I have the honour to explain to the people visiting this page what Diego Maradona means for a fan of Boca Juniors. He is the man who, when playing with Argentinos Juniors, admitted to be a huge fan of Boca and that one of his football idols was Angel Clemente Rojas, who in the Sixties enchanted, with his magic plays, the fans of the most numerous club in the world. And he was the man who, in the unforgettable 1981 season, led Boca to win the title.
With Brindisi, Gatti, Alves, Trobiani, Escudero (his teammate in the youth championship of 1979), Ruggeri and many more famous players, he took passion and joy to every football stadium he was playing in. He celebrated the victory of the title in a sold-out Bombonera (the stadium of Boca) and on the same day his beloved team Argentinos Juniors avoided the relegation just one year after ranking as runner-up in the table. Of course he was missing La Paternal (the stadium of Argentinos Juniors), but Diego needed an important scene such as his triumph with Boca to go to Europe and become the king of football in the old continent.
From that moment, the real fan of Boca has always Diego in his heart and, when it was possible, Diego came to the stadium to watch the matches of his loved Boca with the fans saluting him with the words "Maradooo, Maradooo". Boca Juniors paid a high sum to Diego and as soon as he went to Barcelona, the team of Buenos Aires suffered a dangerous economic crisis. But this does not matter because Diego promised that he would have finished his career with the blue and yellow jersey of Boca. And this is what actually happened.
After 15 months of suspension for a doubtful doping, the most famous number 10 entered again the stadium of Boca with a memorable celebration from his fans. This happened in October 1995 against Colón of Santa Fe. He tried to become champion again with a very strong team, where Verón, Caniggia and Navarro Montoya were playing. He could not become champion, but the fans of Boca still adore him. He left football on his 37th birthday, after a victory against River Plate. Talking about this team: he always scored against River and the real fan of Boca will always have in his mind that rainy night in 1981 where Diego, with a memorable play, scored against Fillol and Tarantini in the net towards the "12" (where there are the most fanatic supporters of Boca). With this magic he won everybody's love.
Now he has an all-life-long box at the Bombonera, in the best position of the stadium and every time that Boca plays at home you can see him screaming and supporting like a huge fan. The players know that he is there and dedicate to him their goals and their victories. When he arrives at La Bombonera the "12" goes crazy screaming out his name. He also bought an enormous flag and gave it to the fans who show it before every match. Diego is our pride.

Diego means Boca and Boca means Diego. There is nothing better than saying that the best football player in the world ever became great with the colours that I love most (with the blue). This is what we call pleasure. Thank you once again.

Malco D. Rossi

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